1. Pigeons must be rung with 2020/2021 recognized identity rings.
  2. Pigeon(s) to be between 35 and 55 days old when sent to loft.
  3. Pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus not less than 7 days before being accepted to the
    Loft. They also need to be treated for external parasites such as Feather lice and mite as well as internal
    BEEN TAKEN BEFORE SENDING THEM. It is in the best interest and out of respect for other Fanciers,
    who do send their pigeons with up to date vaccinations, deworming and external parasite control that you
    must do the same. After arrival at the Loft, pigeons will be vaccinated & dewormed etc. at managements
    discretion during the season.
    4.All Pigeons will be given a loft number when arriving at the loft.
  4. Vaccinations, medications, feeding, training etc. will be done to the best of our ability and discretion to
    ensure that birds will be in the best possible physical condition and health.
  5. While every possible measure will be taken not to lose any birds during the orientation period, you may
    replace lost birds up to the 1 March 2021.
  6. Up to date information concerning all aspects of this race will be displayed on our website.
  7. The Loft will not allow any doping, foul play or any discrepancies – every bird in the loft will have the same
    opportunity to prove its worth. We are committed to honest, ethical management and always believe in fair
  8. Liberation, liberation time and close of race will be at the sole discretion of management. Pigeons entered
    into this loft will become the property of Winners Flight Loft the moment they are entered into ourloft.
  9. At the conclusion of a specific season, (+-21 working days after the Final Race) a prize money instruction
    containing different options will be sent to all prize winners. This document must be fully completed and
    submitted to us before credits for the next season can be allocated or payments processed.
  10. Fanciers may be present at the basketing of the birds before the Main Race.
  11. Visitors are welcome to visit the loft on appointment but must obey the Loft Rules.
  12. Race results will be done and displayed on our website.
  13. No person/s directly connected in any way to Winners Flight Loft may enter pigeons.
  14. Partnerships can be formed with other fanciers, family, friends, and the public and even businesses.
  15. Entry fee must be fully paid before any entry is valid and may win prize money.
  16. Perch Fees are payable before sending a pigeon(s) to the Loft. Full outstanding amount to be paid on or
    before 5 June 2021.
  17. Once Pigeons Arrive at Winners Flight Loft, it become the full Property of Winners Flight
    Loft, No Perch Fee / Entry Fee will be Refunded, Once All Races are Completed,Pigeons
    Will be SOLD ON AUCTION.
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